The highly trained and experienced physicians at Motion Orthopaedics have extensive understanding and experience within occupational medicine and workers compensation. Our main goal is to get the employee back to work and to their preinjury status as quickly as possible. We work closely with the case managers and adjusters to expedite the care of these patients.

Having Dr. James Doll and Dr. Cynthia Byler along with 6 highly skilled surgeons, helps us understand, triage, and manage occupational injuries in an expedient and cost effective manner.

All of the physicians at Motion Orthopaedics use a combination of occupational medicine research, specialty orthopedic literature, and years of experience to address causation, diagnose, treat, recommend limitations, and return patients to work.

We are able to offer evaluation, high quality MRI (1.5 Tesla) with MSK Fellowship Radiologists, and brand new, state of the art surgical centers all under one roof in a convenient location visible from I-270 at Olive in Creve Coeur.

To improve the care of these patients:

  1. We expedite our office notes by getting them to the case manager or adjuster ASAP to facilitate the approval process for recommended treatment.
  2. We provide a work status report to case mangers, case adjusters, and patients at the time of office evaluation.
  3. We directly communicate with the case manager and adjuster to explain our recommendations and reasoning behind them.
  4. We obtain a detailed history of injury including the date and time of the injury and its initial report, the exact mechanism of injury, and prior treatment of the injury
  5. We outline a detailed treatment plan with expedited return to work and MMI date.

The physicians at Motion Orthopaedics have extensive experience with evaluation and treatment of workers as well as independent medical examinations (IMEs), 2nd opinions, disability ratings (including certified AMA 6th ed. ratings), and depositions.

Workers Compensation Hotlines

  • David J.King, MD
    David J.King, MDOrthopaedic Surgeon

    Work Comp Hotline
    (314) 991-2110

  • Timothy D. Farley, MD
    Timothy D. Farley, MDOrthopaedic Surgeon

    Work Comp Hotline
    (314) 991-2046

  • James T. Doll, DO
    James T. Doll, DOPhysical Medicine

    Work Comp Hotline
    (314) 991-4344

  • Donald R. Bassman, MD
    Donald R. Bassman, MDOrthopaedic Surgeon

    Work Comp Hotline
    (314) 991-2123

  • Tyler R. Krummenacher, MD
    Tyler R. Krummenacher, MDOrthopaedic Surgeon

    Work Comp Hotline
    (866) 866-HAND

  • Jason P. Young, MD
    Jason P. Young, MDOrthopaedic Surgeon

    Work Comp Hotline
    (314) 991-2106

  • Jason A. Browdy, MD
    Jason A. Browdy, MDOrthopaedic Surgeon

    Work Comp Hotline
    (314) 991-2150

  • Cynthia D. Byler, DO, MPH
    Cynthia D. Byler, DO, MPHOccupational Medicine

    Work Comp Hotline
    (314) 991-4350